Our mission is to improve the applicability of drug trials to women through attention to sex, age, and gene-specific factors in drug therapy.

Sex as a biological variable needs to be considered in the design, analysis, reporting and interpretation of clinical trials.  In addition, the socio-cultural dimension of “gender” remains under appreciated by the pharmaceutical industry, physicians and patients in contributing to treatment accessibility, adherence and differential bias in the delivery of therapeutic options.  The Matera Alliance aims to redress these deficiencies in a systematic manner.

The Alliance offers guidelines and recommendations for all phases of drug development from preclinical research through to Phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials.  Improved standards will lead to the detection and application of sex- and gene-specific factors in drug therapy, as well as the appropriate integration of the socio-cultural dimension of gender.

Who are we?

The “Matera Group” first met in April 2016 during the International Congress on “Gender and life style: from puberty to elderly frailty“.  This Congress brought together international experts in sex and gender research from European and American research societies (International Society of Gender Medicine and the Organization for the Study of Sex Difference), and the Canadian Institute of Health Research.  Discussions were held on how to promote sex and gender in pharmacological research, and the applicability of these variables in drug trials for women in the real world.  These international partners continue to collaborate and the group has been expanded to include stakeholders from regulatory and funding organizations, journal editors, government agencies, pharmaceutical industry and patient sectors.